Ersan 1989 Zodiac as our company started to manufacture bushings, Victory Industrial Estate until 1994, has served in a 100 m2 workshop, then it continued its operations by building a building of its own with regional warehouses with 350m2 workshop and 180m2 administration unit. In this process works until 2005, our company continued its workshop capacity built over the years with in┼čat 700m2'y to, increased storage capacity of the administrative building and 300m2'y. When it comes to 2006 2500m2 closed to increase customer satisfaction, total 4000m2'lik Konya Organized 1500m2 open area is located in a factory. In 1993 the company made its first export quality and capacity of existing international and the domestic market is expanding rapidly. Since 1995, the assembly line began to be bastions of OEM companies and firms are still continued to be two separate products. In 1997, our company KONBUS title of the Automotive Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti. It has changed. TSEK in 1999, manufacturing qualification certificate, registration certificate of the industry, the ISO 9001-2000 Quality in 2005 He received the document. CNC type machines that provide the structure, induction centrifugal machine and quickly increase the capacity of our company has established with coating unit, eliminating the need for all of its products are manufactured in-house subcontractors. So far, the United States, our company has enjoyed with the European and Middle East countries are currently exporting overseas It continues to address the market.

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